If you're wanting to add a sparkle to your step, then look no further than FeetJazzle!


Here at FeetJazzle we now offering a 'stud-ing' service whereby we can stud your Converse, Vans or whatever you choose so that your footwear will always be bang on trend!

Kiddies Converse with Ribbons *plus* an all-black pair of Converse with Swarovski crystals and ribbons - perfect for adding a sparkle to your kiddies school days ♥ 
 We've updated our range of Converse, plus we now sparkle the sides aswell as the toecaps ♥
  FeetJazzle specialises in creating a bespoke crystallising service by blinging footwear such as Converse, Hunters, UGG boots and even Havaianas with authentic Swarovski Crystals.

Each Swarovski crystal is glued individually by hand with an industrial strength suitable glue to embellish all footwear - this takes time, concentration and a lot of care. 

Not only does FeetJazzle sell beautifully blinged up footwear, but we are also happy to bling footwear you send in to FeetJazzle no matter what the style!
 If you want to send your shoes in to us to be blinged or to get a quote please contact FeetJazzle and we will get back to you ASAP.

Any special requests?
Can't find a specific style or colour on the FeetJazzle website?

Just a phone call or e-mail away and you can make a specific request and here at FeetJazzle we aim to please every customer by exceeding their expectations with our sparkly service!

Much Love,
FeetJazzle x